JOE Inc.,LTD. (“Company,” “we”, “us” or “our”) maintains this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) that summarizes the treatment of information provided or collected on the sites and in connection with our various services (collectively, the “Services”) where this Privacy Policy is posted, including, without limitation: (1) our website(s) (our “Sites”), and (2) our applications and related services for Mobile Devices (defined below), including those accessible through third party social networking sites or platforms (“SNS”) (collectively, the “Applications”).
By accepting our Privacy Policy and the applicable Terms of Service you consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your information as described in this Privacy Policy.

Acquired Information and Scope of Use
The Company shall use and acquire user information in the following ways:

User Information
・Information Registered by Users
To allow users to use the Service as smoothly as possible, and to promote effortless communication between users, users may be asked to register additional details such as profile information, character names, etc. All such submissions are optional.

・Promotional Events
There may be occasions where users will be asked to provide details such as their name, address, phone number, email address, gender, and date of birth etc., for the purposes of surveys, draws as well as other promotional events, where the Company requires these details to courier prizes, and for the delivery of purchased products, etc., to the users.

・User Contact Information
The Company collects user information when the user information is entered into the Company’s online inquiry form, including email address, device type, and OS type etc., to help establish the user's identity, for examination into reported problems and to provide an appropriate response to those inquiries.

Information on Use of the Service
To provide the best possible service to users, as well as for maintenance and security purposes, Cookies will be used to store user settings, to record access figures as well as monitoring usage patterns and statistics. Users can choose to deactivate Cookies, however in such circumstances users will not be able to use parts of the Service which require Cookies to be active such as those requiring users to login.

Upon access to the Service, the user's IP address, browser type, and browser language etc., will be automatically obtained and stored. Such information will be used to analyze user environments, thereby enabling the Company to provide a better Service, as well as to prevent any unauthorized/fraudulent practices which interfere with normal Service operations.

・Location Information
Some of the Services may use location information transmitted from users' mobile phones/devices. The Company only uses such information within the scope that is necessary in order to provide the designated service. When users have not allowed their location information to be sent via the settings menu on their devices, location information will not be sent.

・Device Information
The users' device information (OS type, serial number,etc.) may be acquired at times. This information shall be used for the provision of a better service, as well as for identification purposes and prevention of any unauthorized/fraudulent practices which interfere with normal Service operations.

Purpose of Use
The Company shall use the acquired personal information for the following purposes listed below:

・to offer an undisturbed and smooth Service to users
・to prevent any unauthorized/fraudulent use of the Service
・to aggregate statistical data regarding the Service
・to conduct research and analysis aimed at reviewing and improving Services
・to enable the Company to deal effectively with user inquiries
・to provide information regarding the Service etc., as well as advertising information from our business partners
・to provide new future developments regarding the Service
・to draw winners for promotional events, courier gifts to those winners, and to deliver purchased products, etc.
・to perform identity checks when a user makes an inquiry etc.
・to notify users of any other important information regarding the Service and to contact users where necessary Provision of Information
The Company will never provide user information to any third parties without the user`s consent, unless the Company is obliged and/or permitted to do so under applicable laws.

Information Delegation
The Company may entrust, to the extent the Company considers necessary to achieve the intended purpose concerning the use of the Service, the handling of personal information collected from users, in whole or in part, to a trustee. In such circumstances, the Company will adequately assess the eligibility of the trustee, impose a confidentiality agreement upon the trustee, and establish an appropriate information administration system.

Shared Use of Information
The Company may share the user's personal information with a business partner, when a business partner's cooperation is needed in order to keep providing the Service to the user.
In such circumstances, the Company will inform the user regarding the purpose of information sharing, the name of the business partner and information manager, as well as the type of shared information involved before sharing the user's personal information with such a business partner.

Third Party Modules
we uses third party advertising agencies to place advertisements on the Internet or in other media. To measure the effectiveness of the advertisements to determine how much to pay to the advertising agencies, we install third-party modules within the Apps. We may also install third-party modules within the Apps in order to help us understand how the Service is used. Details regarding the Apps in which such third-party modules will be installed can be viewed here.

User Rights
Users may, through the procedures determined by the Company, send the Company a request for the disclosure of personal information. The Company, in turn shall disclose such information except under the following conditions:

・when the disclosure is likely to harm the life, body, property or other rights or interests of the user or any other third party
・when the disclosure is likely to severely interfere with the Company's proper operation
・when disclosure itself would constitute a violation of laws and/or regulations
・when the Company is unable to verify the user’s ownership of the personal information requested for disclosure.

After the disclosure, users may, through the procedures determined by the Company, send the Company a request to correct, add or delete the user's personal information, if the users find personal information registered with the Company to be incorrect. Under such circumstances, the Company shall swiftly investigate the request to achieve the desired user intention and correct, add or delete the personal information on the basis of the Company's findings.

When users request the disclosure by the Company of their personal information that is unable to be confirmed/accessed though the Service, the Company may charge the users a certain fee for the disclosure procedures. The users can choose freely whether or not they will provide the Company with their personal information, however the users may be unable to use a part of the Service until they have provided the Company with the necessary information.

Modifications to this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be revised periodically. Users will be notified of important changes in a recognizable manner.

If you have any questions, inquiries, requests, complaints, or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, or have other questions or suggestions about our information practices, please contact us via e-mail.

This Privacy Policy has been created on 1 November 2015.
Revisions to this Privacy Policy were made on:
- 14 December 2016

This Privacy Policy was last revised on 14 December 2016.